Great Inexpensive Traveler Gifts

Cheap travel optionssuch as cheapairplane tickets, discount hotel rooms, cheap auto rentals, discounttravel deals, and cheap vacation packages maketravel possible for the masses, but sometimes coming up with gift ideas for a frequenttraveler can be tough.

The following are travel gifts that are sure to please andfor the most part, very affordable:

·     Shoebags with a drawstring or zipper closure. They also are useful when placing street shoes in an overheadcompartment after slipping on travel socks or slippers.


·     Afascinating book set wherever your traveler is destined for can provide uniqueinsights.  Such books can be found bysearching online (for books set in…) or checking recommended reading inguidebooks.


·     Beverageboosters (i.e., carry-on cocktail kits) elevate drinks in economy class.  These kits usually come with enough highquality ingredients (such as aromatic bitters, ginger syrup) for two drinks aswell as a recipe card, bar spoon, linen coaster to prepare libations usingliquor purchased on board.


·     Qualityheadphones silence noisy spots (such as aircraft cabins) while deliveringsuperior audio sound. Noise canceling headphones emit inverse sound waves toneutralize ambient noise, particularly the low frequency roar of plane engines.  Noise blocking headphones on the other handphysically obstruct surrounding sounds resulting in them usually working betteron high frequency noise (such as cries from unhappy babies).


·     Cabinslippers that are foldable and washable warm travelers’ toes who like to takeoff their shoes as soon as they board. Mukluk style sock slippers are less compact but combine warmth andprotection with knit uppers and a leather sole.


·     Externaldevice chargers typically weigh only a few ounces, and some are no larger thana tube of lipstick but can keep a phone or tablet running until the travelerreaches the next available plug in power source.



·     Travelcandles are a perfect way to combat the smell of hotel rooms that reek ofcleaning products, cheap deodorizers, and/or tobacco smoke.  Small travel candles make unfamiliar lodgingsfeel homier.  Scents range from coconutto rose to almost anything you can imagine. Some target tobacco odors specifically.


·     A goodtravel coffee kit is a perfect gift for a coffee crazy traveler.  You can select from kits that brew by variousmethods ranging from drip, pump or press. Most kits require only hot water and ground coffee.  Popular components include filters, mugs, aninsulated thermos, a burr grinder, an airtight container and a storage bag foreverything.


·     Acompact travel journal is a thoughtful gift to help a traveler capture life onthe road.  Entries can be a minimal as alist of sights seen or dishes eaten. Encourage your traveler to embellish the pages with small sketches,dried flowers, or ticket stubs.


·     A worldatlas provides a would-be traveler with the means of leafing through an actualbook filled with large, lovely maps.  Amore interactive gift would be clever scratch off world maps and cork globeswith push pins (both sold online) that allow a traveler to catalogue the roadstaken or dream of those to come.


·     Insectrepellent jacks help travelers avoid bits in bug prone zones.  The Centers for Disease Control andPrevention recommend travelers cover exposed skin and wear clothing treatedwith odorless insecticide permethrin.  Featherlight jackets from ExOfficio, in men’s and women’s models come with insectrepellent treatments and look stylish.


·     Prophoto shoots are made possible by online outfits such as Trip Shooter,Flytographer and Shoot My Traveler.  Theyprovide a session with a professional photographer at vacationdestinations.  Prices start around $250for 30 minutes, but for milestone trips the memories will justify the expense.
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