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FlightAware - Track your flight by entering your airline and flight number and receive updates on flight delays, gate changes, and/or cancellations.
Passbook - Passbook is an application in Apple’s iOS that allows users to store coupons, boarding passes, event tickets, store cards, generic cards, and other forms of mobile payment.
myLanguage Translator Pro - Translate text into spoken voice.
Foodspotting - Focuses on specific dishes with user generated recommendations.
Livingsocial - Find 50% off restaurant offers.
PhotoSynth - Enables users to take awe inspiring panoramic pictures in an instant and is fully integrated with Facebook.
Tripit - Combine all your travel reservations in a single locations.
Seatguru - Shows the best seats on every plane and where power ports are located.
RoadNinja - Always know what is coming up at the next exit and compare gas prices at upcoming exits.
ExpertFlyer - Get notified when seats become available.
Google Wallet - Send money from anywhere to a friend in the US who has an email address.  Store loyalty programs in Google Wallet and leave the plastic cards behind.
Lemon Wallet - Allows user to store a digital copy of all cards – ID, insurance, loyalty, and payment card, so that they can be accessed whenever needed.
Where To? - Enables user to locate almost anything nearby, including the nearest ATM, burger joint, and medical provider. 
Tipulator - Makes tipping easy even with split bills.
Knapsack - Plan your trip and later share memories.